Why Alpha Sigma Tau?

The women in Alpha Sigma Tau all had our own reasons for going Greek. From wanting to find a home away from home to looking for leadership opportunities, we all got here in different ways. However, we all chose AST for a few similar reasons! 

When doing a breakout room in our Chapter zoom one week, we wrote down 'Why AST?', and this is what some of our women said:

- "I felt like I could be myself with the women in AST!" 

- "AST has helped me make connections, grow as a person, and build my confidence." 

- "I found support in AST and have been able to maintain a safe social life during COVID."

- "Through AST I have learned respect for myself and the world around me!"

- "I wanted to surround myself with people who shared similar values as me."

- "My passion for women's wellness is fueled through our work with the Women's Wellness Initiative!"

- "AST is a positive place and I have grown as a person because of it!"

Sal and Varshini fall 2019