Letter from our Growth Team

The Epsilon Chi chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau at the University of Minnesota Duluth prides itself in cultivating a positive and exciting recruitment environment for potential new members as well as active members. We always have a goal to create a recruitment experience that will showcase our core values GRICE: Graciousness, Respect, Intellect, Connections, and Excellence! We look for sisterly bonds of women supporting other women throughout their time within our sorority. We look to empower women not only throughout the recruitment process but in their lifetime. Our growth team is dedicated to being insightful pathfinders and interactive conversationalists to create the best possible experience for our sisters. We have a team of detail- oriented coordinators who are passionate about their work and pride themselves in the success of our team. We look forward to meeting all the women interested in greek life with open arms every semester and can’t wait to see what they bring to our chapter at UMD.

This semester we are working towards creating a positive space where women can express themselves and share the same interest as we all do. Our recruitment committee led by the Vice President of Growth, Director of Structured Recruitment, and Director of Membership Selection aspire to demonstrate our values through every event that we hold and incorporate the ideals we practice in our sorority. We can’t wait to meet you!

abby and belle